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Four Generations of the Immigrant

Christian Rodabaugh (1707?-1779)

and His Family

Includes an Overview of
Cognate Eighteenth Century Rodenbach Lines
in North America

Published September, 1992. 168pp. 8" X 11". ACCO Binding, soft cover. Place and name index. Price $25.00 (includes postage). Available from the author: Kem Luther, 4542 Rocky Point Rd, Victoria, BC V9C 4E4, Canada, (250) 595-2474.

Christian Rodabaugh, a 1740 Pennsylvania German immigrant, married Elizabeth, the widow of Stoffel Weisskopf. They and their four Rodabaugh and two Whitehead children settled in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, (southeast of Pittsburgh) at the end of the French and Indian War. Many of their grandchildren immigrated to Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Christian and Elizabeth have about 30,000 living descendants.

This genealogy traces their descendants through their great-grandchildren. More than three-quarters of their great-grandchildren are documented. A large number of their descendants were Dunkers (Church of the Brethren). The genealogy explores where the Dunker influence began in the family.

Christian and Elizabeth's children married into the Marchand, Willyard, Broadsword, Studebaker, Klingensmith and Boyer families of Westmoreland County. Their grandchildren joined with member of the following families: Armstrong, Arner, Fiscus, Fry, Funk, Highberger, Hill, Hollingsworth, Kemmerer (Kemrie), Linsenbegler, Matthias, McDowell, Meyers, Miller, Milliron (Millison), Pitsenbarger, Potts, Runny, Schmidt (Smith), Stoner, Townsend, Waltz, Weber (Weaver).

The 50-page Appendix overviews the various Rodenbach cognate lines (R*) from the eighteenth-century German immigrations. The immigrants known from ship lists, emigration lists, and naturalization records are enumerated. The overview outlines the early family members of the following groups: