Genealogy now available...


of Ebenezer Luther


and Aurilla Mariette Wait


Published March, 1993. 144pp+. 8" X 11". ACCO Binding, soft cover. Complete name index. Price $25.00 (includes postage). Available from the author: Kem Luther, 4542 Rocky Point Rd, Victoria, BC V9C 4E4, Canada, (250) 595-2474.

Ebenezer Luther married Aurilla Mariette Wait in upstate New York (near Lima, probably) about 1825. They had eight children, two boys and six girls. The family moved to Erie County, New York (circa 1837), Crawford County, Pennsylvania (circa 1847), Warren County, Illinois (1859), Brown County, Kansas (1869), and Saline County, Nebraska (1871). The six youngest children and their families came west with Ebenezer and Aurilla, and their descendants lived in Nebraska, Kansas and Arkansas in the early years of this century.

This genealogy presents a narrative discussion of the sources and documents relating to the first three generations (up to about 1920), and lists eight generations of the known descendants of Ebenezer and Aurilla. Over 1600 persons are listed, taken from family collections maintained over the last 50 years. Most listings are from the family of Ebenezer and Aurilla's son Henry Lousern Luther. Among the descendants are 200 with the surname Luther. Other frequently-listed surnames are Barclay, Baldwin, Brown, Calhoon, Carpenter, Davis, Kinnison, McQuiety, Moody, and Surdyk.

The genealogy includes reproductions of 30 old photographs, and six maps showing locations mentioned in the text.