Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

Version 2.1

Page last Updated August 29, 2014

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MatchMaker Version 2.1.1 is temporarily unavailable because we are working on a bug on some computers which causes a "file not found" error on startup. It is preferable to download the older version 2.1 (see below) until this is fixed.

Use this page to download MatchMaker Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest Version 2.1.
If you want to download the program to your own computer for use without a CD, choose "Download Program Free for Hard Drive" above. In you want to download the files that would appear on a MatchMaker CD, choose "Download Program Free to Make CD".

MatchMaker is a program to help identify mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest. It contains a database of about 4000 descriptions of gilled and nongilled mushrooms. There is an interface for entering mushroom characteristics to find species that fit those characteristics. There are about 5000 illustrations of almost 2000 species, from 150 different photographers.

It is a non-profit educational project, downloadable for free. If CDs are sent by mail to people who do not have a previous version of MatchMaker, there is a $10 fee for materials and mailing.

The earliest versions of the program were available in 1999. Version 1.3 was completed in August 2008. Version 2.0, which added the ability to enter characters of nongilled mushrooms, was completed in 2010. Version 2.1 is the current finished version.

Ian Gibson
67 Linden Ave.
Victoria BC V8V 4C9


Eli Gibson designed the background image.
which is a collage of photographs by
Michael Beug, Cy and Mary Hampson, Boleslaw Kuznik,
Michael Wood (MykoWeb), Richard Winder, and Eileen Seto.
Many thanks also to Kem Luther for computer help and support.