Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

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Page last Updated December 19, 2017

Download Beta Program for Mac Now

  • This is our third attempt to provide a program for Mac Users. In our limited testing so far, it WORKS ON MACS with OS10.6 or higher (snow leopard through High Sierra and hopefully beyond), apart from some minor features listed below and a particular problem experienced by several people that we have not been able to solve (see below). It uses open source WINE software plus WineSkin, which packages your app and WINE up in one little bundle to make it a one-step process. Please send feedback, including suggestions on clear instructions for different devices, and potential problems, to Ian Gibson at

  • Where MatchMaker instructions say to use the Delete key, use the F1 key instead.
    (A Delete key has a different function on a Mac from its function on a PC.)


  1. Be logged on as administrator.

  2. Download the ZIP file and put it in your applications folder (occasionally it will not work elsewhere).

  3. Double click the ZIP file to expand it and create the application.

  4. Do not double click the application - on machines with high security settings you must Control-Click and choose OPEN to allow it to execute the first time.

  5. If you are asked if WineskinX11 should accept or deny incoming network connections, you may deny it - they are not necessary.


  • This is the problem we have not been able to solve. Some people get this message when they try to install: "ERROR! cannot write to Info.plist, there are permission problems, or you are on a read-only volume. This cannot run from within a read-only dmg file.
    If you do experience this problem, please tell us the kind of Mac system you are using by e-mailing Ian Gibson.
  • Other known issues for the MAC version of MatchMaker do not affect the main functions of the program, but here are some differences from Version 2.21 for PC.
    • When clicking on a menu item, the sub-menus may not show the right text, or be grayed or un-grayed incorrectly until you move the mouse over them.
    • After you minimize MatchMaker, clicking on the mushroom icon may not restore the window - you must click on the document icon that was also created on the right hand side of the app bar. Or, you can choose the WINDOW menu item and choose the window by name - it will be the bottom choice on the menu (choosing Bring all to Front does not always work).
    • When you reduce the size of the images, some colour corruption occurs.
    • Options -> Show Glossary Hyperlinks does not work - clicking on them does nothing, so that option has been turned off by default.
    • The RANGE menu item does not work: every map is solid red.
    • When using Options -> Allow Multiple Illustrations, previous illustrations will be hidden behind the main window when a new illustration is brought up.
    • Do not attempt to upgrade the Pictorial Key or Tables from the menus. That is for PCs only. MAC users will be provided with an entirely new version when an update is available.

  • Please contact us if you have trouble installing this program! Contact Ian Gibson by e-mail.

  • If you wish to receive notification of free updates in future, contact Ian Gibson by e-mail.

  • This is a large file of almost 900 MB. Downloading could take as little as 20 minutes, but it may take more than an hour, even with high speed access.

  • RESTRICTIONS: If you wish, may be given to others as long as all of the following information is transmitted and you do not charge for the program. The copyright for the illustrations is held by the photographers and the images may not be used for other purposes without their permission. The program and descriptions may not be used for any other purpose without the permission of Ian Gibson. The program is not designed to determine edibility of mushrooms and it should not be used for that purpose.

    To receive notification of free updates,
    or to send questions or corrections,
    contact Ian Gibson
    67 Linden Ave.,
    Victoria BC V8V 4C9


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Eli Gibson designed the background image.
which is a collage of photographs by
Michael Beug, Cy and Mary Hampson, Boleslaw Kuznik,
Michael Wood (MykoWeb), Richard Winder, and Eileen Seto.