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Updates for Pictorial Key

Last updated May 4, 2017

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Version 2.2.154 (2017) is the current version of the Pictorial Key for MatchMaker (MycoMatch). It has been re-organized and much of it has been rewritten in the last year. There are additions and name changes as well.

This update works only on a PC (until we figure out how to do it for Mac).
If Mac users have internet access, they can use the updated version from within Matchmaker by choosing Pictorial Key (latest internet version) from the Pictorial Key/Tables menu.

Download the Update      .

The Update will change the Pictorial Key that comes with MatchMaker (MycoMatch) version 2.2.1 to the current version.

When you have downloaded the Update file MMKey22154.exe, double click on that file name (it may show as MMKey22154).

Version 2.2.100 (2015) of the Pictorial Key for MatchMaker (MycoMatch) was included with MatchMaker (MycoMatch) Version 2.2.1.

If further updates for the Pictorial Key become available before the next MatchMaker (MycoMatch) version, you will be able to download them here.

For information about MatchMaker (MycoMatch), contact
Ian Gibson